ATET-Tech is an environmental consulting company focused on evaluating and developing fish conservation technologies at industrial water intakes including once-though-cooling, hydroelectric, irrigation, pulp & paper, and manufacturing.

We  also have developed and are commercializing a unique light technology which focuses on fish protection at industrial water intakes and also other fish markets related to aquaculture and commercial fishing applications. 

ATET-Tech provides a potential solution on minimizing the impact of medium and large water users (e.g. thermal plants, hydroelectric plants, manufacturing plants) on  fish and other aquatic organisms including those of recreational, commercial and aboriginal value, and those threatened or endangered. 

ATET-Tech has filed a company fully-owned patent application in both Canada and the US.

ATET-Tech has developed through Carleton University and University of California (@Davis) a significant database on the responses of fish to different frequencies of ligh as either an attractant or repellant. Lights could be used alone as a fish diversion technology or integrated with another technology such as louvers, barrier nets, fish pumps, fish ladders or fish return systems. Species evaluated to date include:

  • Largemouth bass
  • White Sturgeon
  • Walleye
  • American Eel
  • Chinook Salmon 
  • Lake Sturgeon

Applications of this technology include fish protection at hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear facilities and irrigation systems. There are also aquaculture and commercial fishing applications