Aquatic Environment  

Fish conservation using cost-effective technologies

ATET-Tech is an environmental consulting company focused on fish conservation at industrial water intakes including once-though-cooling, hydroelectric, irrigation, pulp & paper, and manufacturing.  ATET-Tech has experience evaluating different fish protection systems such as barrier nets, acoustic and light systems, fine mesh screens, fish pumps and fish return systems especially related to cost-effectiveness, biofouling, and strengths/weaknesses in mitigation control. ATET has also developed a new underwater LED device (Light Guidance Device, LGD) for fish management applications which has been designed to work alone or integrated with different fish conservation methods.

ATET announces partnership with European company with Electric Fish Fence Technology

ATET has joined forces with a European Company to bring their unique electric fish fence technology to Canada and the US for fish management applications at hydro facilities and other water users. This technology has been tested in Germany and Austria for several fish species. Details of the electric fish fence are shown in the attachment. This technology has application used alone or integrated with our light guidance device.

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Chinook Salmon Publication (2019)

Recent publication in Hydrobiologia on responses of juvenile chinook salmon to our LGD. Potential to attract fish to a bypass or fish ladder. ATET looking for site for field evaluation. 

Fine Mesh Screen Publication

Dr. Patrick has recently published a paper entitled "Size distribution of larvae entrained and the role of fine mesh screening in excluding larvae at an operating power plant" at Lake and Reservoir Management (

ATET opens a new branch as ATET-TECH US

We are glad to report that we have created  ATET-TECH US as we have recently incorporated in the state of Florida to conduct fish conservation business in the US for all water users. 

Latest Hydro Review article

An excellent summary of research activities of the LGD technology has recently been published in the June 2018 Hydro Review magazine (pg- 70-77). It includes results from a variety of species including  sturgeon and American eels.