Aquatic Environment  

Fish conservation using cost-effective technologies

ATET-Tech is an environmental consulting company focused on fish conservation at industrial water intakes including once-though-cooling, hydroelectric, irrigation, pulp & paper, and manufacturing.  ATET-Tech has experience evaluating different fish protection systems such as barrier nets, acoustic and light systems, fine mesh screens, fish pumps and fish return systems especially related to cost-effectiveness, biofouling, and strengths/weaknesses in mitigation control. ATET has also developed a new underwater LED device (Light Guidance Device, LGD) for fish management applications which has been designed to work alone or integrated with different fish conservation methods.

Latest News
Lake Sturgeon Tests August 2017

ATET-Tech has expanding its database on the responses of different species of fish to the LGD technology. Experiments were succesffuly completed with Lake Sturgeon at Manitoba Hydro’s Grand Rapids hatchery. Work was conducted by Carleton University and the report is being reviewed.

Power of Water Conference, October 2017

On September 27, 2017, ATET conducted preliminary tests jointly with Milne Technologies and Carleton University at Corbett's Dam, Ontario, on migrating chinook salmon.

The results were shown at the 2017 Power of Water Conference, held in Niagara Falls in October 2017.