Aquatic Environment  

Fish conservation using cost-effective technologies

Applications of Fish Guidance Systems at Intakes for Different Water Users and for Commercial Operations

  • Electricity generation: steam-electricity generating stations (coal, oil, gas) and hydro electricity generating stations withdraw freshwater/marine to drive turbines and generators that produce electricity.
  • Agriculture: agricultural operations withdraw freshwater for irrigation of crops and production of food.
  • Municipalities: municipalities withdraw freshwater for light industrial and commercial uses and for household uses.
  • Industry: industrial and manufacturing operations withdraw freshwater to produce metals, wood and paper products, chemicals, gasoline and oils, cosmetics, food, cars, plastics, fabrics and glass, toys and household gadgets.
  • Aquaculture. A species specific light based system will be developed for use in aquaculture applications, i.e. conditioning fish to feed. Light conditioning in fish to feed is intended to reduce stress under holding conditions and improve growth and survival and also reduce the need for antibiotics in the feed.
  • Commercial Fishing. The use of different spectral frequencies to attract target species of commercial importance.
Latest News
AFS Meeting August 2017

The 147th annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) is being held in Tampa FL from August 20-24, 2017.

ATET-Tech has included an ad in the conference magazine about the LGD technology.

A one-page flyer has also been prepared requesting a field test site for future evaluation of the technology.

  Light guidance device for fish management applications

Lake Sturgeon Tests August 2017

ATET-Tech is expanding its database on the responses of different species of fish to the LGD technology. Experiments are currently in progress with Lake Sturgeon at Manitoba Hydro’s Grand Rapids hatchery. Work is being conducted by Carleton University.

Power of Water Conference October 2017

ATET-Tech will be attending the 16th annual Power of Water Canada Conference and Trade Show on October 23-25th , and is sharing a booth with Milne Technologies. We will be pleased to meet with delegates.