The Company was founded by Dr. Paul Patrick and Dr. Michael Sills, two former colleagues at Kinectrics, aka Ontario Power Technologies, where they were involved in environmental impacts associated with the production and transmission of electricity.

Dr. Patrick continues to work for the power sector, and has been consulting for a number of companies working at several power plants in Canada and in the US. He has worked on many fish protection systems including lights and sound deterrents, barrier nets, louvers, fine mesh wedge wire screens, fish pumps and fish return systems.

Dr. Sills is providing consulting services to a number of business sectors in Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Ecuador within the aquatic impacts of new cellulose plants, palm pulp processing plants and will be leveraging the contacts established to market the Company’s technologies.

Dr. Patrick and Dr. Sills worked for a combined 40 years plus at Ontario Hydro Technologies, now known as Kinectrics, providing technical consulting services and developing novel products and process in support of the Electrical Power Industry. They are experts in environmental impacts of Hydroelectric, Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants and for proposing, testing and evaluating mitigation techniques to the aquatic, land and air biota.

ATET-Tech introduces Matthew Ford who joins our team as a casual support staff for both desk and field evaluation of different fish mitigation technologies. He currently is a biologist who works with First Nations in wildlife management. He comleted his Master's thesis at Carleton University with Dr. Steve Cooke, testing the behavioural response of fish species to our light guidance device. Matt has expertise in animal behaviour, species at risk, light guidance and waterway development.

A multidiscipinary team of engineers, biologists and programmers complement the skills of Drs. Patrick and Sills amd Mr. Ford.